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Taiji; Energy Circulation

Natural Circulation of Energy.

Releasing the hold of the Mind on the Body while maintaining a light awareness of the body, allows the Energies to circulate freely and naturally while accumulating where necessary in their natural Power Centres.
At this early stage a gentle warmth will be felt occasionally around the Body.

Stimulated Circulation of Energy.

Sinking the Mind to a deeper level and using the Mind Intention to drive the energies through the body stimulates an increased flow, strengthening the Energy Field and training the body to increase its capacity to handle the increased energy.
Heat is usually felt in the Body at this stage as the increased energy flow burns away the more gross materials in the Lower Energy Body. This heat occurs sometimes at random places in the body and can be accompanied by very cold areas, but later the heat spreads over the whole body.

Automatic Circulation of Energy.

Emptying further towards the level of the Deep Mind allows the now stimulated energy flows to become natural and spread to the deeper energy levels. It also allows the Deep Mind Intelligence to use this energy for whatever purpose it chooses.
The heat settles into a gentle overall glow at this stage and may only be discernible to a subtle awareness.
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