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InfiniteDao (无极·道)

中文, English, German, French or Italian

A 35 year account of Patrick Kelly's experiences under the guidance of Daoist, Sufi and Yogi sages. It reveals their essential principles and practices, coloured by the natures of these remarkable sages.
Quality cloth bound flexi cover. 300+ pages.

¥200 Sfr50 US$50 €45 £35

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English, German or French

A concise model of the spiritual reality of life, containing necessary and sufficient methods for self-realisation, thereby escaping the otherwise incessant rounds of lives and deaths.

Sfr20, US$20, €18, £15

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Inner work towards spiritual evolution. A series of yearly talks by patrick from 2013 to 2020, with questions and answers from his students.

Available late 2020


English, German or French

Taiji principles explained, with detailed photographs of the 5 loosening exercises of Master Huang Xingxian and his Taiji Form (based on the 37 move Form of Zheng ManQing).

Sfr35, US$35, €30, £25

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E-BOOK Relax; Deep Mind (PDF) US$10

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Daoist Principles in Practice

English or French

Training notes from Patrick's initial 20 years training until Master Huang Xingxian's death in 1992. A limited edition published and distributed in 1993 to Patrick's most senior students. These notes were later incorporated into "Infinite Dao".

Not available for purchase

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