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陰 yīn | 陽 yáng | 雍 yōng

receiving | responding | harmonising

道德經 - Dao De Jing:

"道生一 Dao gave rise to one
一生二 one produced two
二生三 two produced three
三生萬物 three produced myriads
萬物負陰而抱陽 the myriads bear Yin, embrace Yang
沖氣以為和 harmonised by immaterial Qi

Taiji Dao

Taiji is in practice what 'Dao de Jing' expresses in principle.

These principles remain universal throughout the known worlds, undiminished by their common reduction to intellectual ideas, emotional values, or religious rules, by the various races of the Earth.

The Source

Yangchengfu Chengmanching Huangxingxian

True Taiji

There is only one true Taiji, one set of principles.

Human deviation gave rise to family styles (Yang, Wu, Chen etc) which each has strengths and weaknesses. Their strengths are where they follow the principles and their weaknesses are where they deviate from the principles.

The Practice

Huang Xingxian 5 Loosenings
ZhengManqing (郑曼青) 37Form
YangChengfu (杨澄甫) 108Form
HuangXingxian (黃性賢) FastForm
8 fixed-step Pushing-Hands
8 moving-step Pushing-Hands
15min guided meditation

Original Style

The fluid body transmits energy in waves.

We train:
Yang Style issuing power (transverse wave)

Wu Style borrowing power (pressure wave)

Chen Style waist power (twisting wave)

We follow my teacher's advice, "Return to the original principles, from before the styles diverged."
Taiji Practice

Energy Realms

The world is a series of inter-penetrating subtle energy realms.


The Only Way

The only way to the Beyond is through the Deep Mental.

Access to Deep Mental is through the Deep Emotional.

The way to the Deep Emotional is through the Deep Body level.

The only way to the Deep Body level is through the body itself.

Taiji Training

Train intention, awareness & intelligence within the Deep Mind, while aspiring towards the Beyond.

Taiji – Moving Art

Gongfu, lower-dantien work

Moving Art (Gongfu)

Taiji – Energy Art

Qigong, middle-dantian work

Energy Art (Qigong)

Taiji – Spiritual Art

Neigong, upper-dantian work

Spiritual Art (Neigong)

Taiji - the Beyond

Aspiration towards the Beyond invokes a ray of Divine Light, the indispensable key to the door beyond.

The Beyond (Dao)

Yang Luchan

YangLuchan 1799-1872. Founder of Yang Taiji

Taiji Transmission

The further back in time we look the more obscure the history of Taiji becomes

Yet, studying this past, 2 things become clear.

Taiji's inner essence flows down from genuine teachers to sincere pupils in unbroken chains.

Each teacher devises a personal system to express and pass on the impersonal inner teaching. The teaching must evolve outwardly or die inwardly.

Taiji Transmission


黄性贤大师, 1910–1992, Fuzhou, China.

"Though they practice my (outer) methods, not following my (inner) way they are not my students."

Trained from the age of 14 in Fujian White Crane (白鶴拳 Baihequan), 18 Buddha boxing (罗汉拳 Luohanquan) and Neigong (Daoist Internal Alchemy), under Old Master Pan YuBa (潘屿八) and later under his most famous disciple, Master XieZhongxian (謝宗祥大师 1852–1930).

Later he also trained under Master PanZhuangnian (潘桩年), who educated Huang in Chinese Medicine and the Literary Classics. Subsequently Huang opened a school in Shanghai where he trained together with his friends Chung Yu-Jen (Taiji), Chiang Hai-Ching (Xingyi) and Yang Chih-Ching (Bagua). He also studied Taiji with Wan Laisheng (万赖声), a China Martial Arts Champion 1938 famous for his Natural Boxing (自然门 Ziranmen).
白鶴拳 baihequan (CN)

In 1947, having moved to Taiwan, he began Taiji with Zheng Manqing – a direct disciple of Yang Cheng-Fu. Quickly Huang entered the inner-school and in later years came to be regarded as Zheng's most accomplished disciple.

From 1958 on Huang lived and taught in Singapore and Malaysia where he established 40 schools and taught 10,000 people. He attained permanent residence in New Zealand shortly before his death in Fouzhou, China, December 1992.

During the last 5 years of his life he gathered around him 40 active initiated members of his inner-school and to them attempted to pass his final teachings. In choosing these people, he said, he was mostly concerned with the sincerity of their inner motives. He explained that he wished no one person to make claims as his successor but that he hoped the combined knowledge of these 40 (of whom only a few continue to teach today) would contain the essence of his methods and these people would represent his teaching for the future.

Questions and Answers with Master HuangXingxian

"Once there is internal and external synchronisation, then the question of slow and fast in practice is unimportant. At this stage, one gets the feeling that the upper portion of the body is like the drifting of clouds and the lower portion is like the flowing of water"... read more
Q&A (CN)
Q&A (EN)
Q&A (FR)
Q&A (IT)
Q&A (DE)



Immersed 50yrs in the 3 great esoteric streams, Patrick presents an intelligent synthesis of Daoist/Buddhist, Gnostic/Sufi & Yogic internal-work.

Patrick has a world network of 100 instructors teaching thousands of students. He has authored 4 books on Taiji & meditation (in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese).

Patrick's true contact, both external and internal with the 3 great esoteric streams, enliven this teaching, which leads deeply inside you, towards the one formless Source which has no name.

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Myriad methods, but only one Way.

The worldwideway is the internal path back to our essential being. It steadily unfolds as we delve deeper into our own inner world.

The worldwideway might condense to a few words

"Seek a broad balance of life experience"
"Give Respect, Feel Gratitude, Be Humble"
"Deepen consciousness"
"Reach out for the Beyond"

"Seek a broad balance of life experience"

Harm no one.
Understand others - change yourself.
Stay positive in whatever life brings.

"Give Respect, Feel Gratitude, Be Humble"

Give respect to those who transmit the teaching. Feel gratitude for the teaching. Be humble in the face of the high source behind the teaching. Expect nothing in return

"Deepen consciousness"

Use any helpful exercises or meditations, inwards through the 3 levels of human existence - etheric, astral & celestial (jing, qi, shen).

"Reach out for the Beyond"

Realise, as the Beyond grows within, that your outer human existence is next to nothing.


Worldwide Schools & Seminars

A gentle path of internal evolution through Taiji, Inner-refinement & Meditation.

Patrick's Books

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"In Response" Video Interviews

with Patrick in 6 ten-minute parts

Patrick's Articles

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Questions & Answers – 2004

Singapore Semicentenary – 2009

Huang's Centenary – 2010

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