True Taiji

daoist principles in practice

We promote the gentle path of inner refinement through Taiji, Self-refinement & Meditation (an intelligent synthesis of Daoist, Gnostic(Sufi) & Yogic teachings).

陰 yīn | 陽 yáng | 雍 yōng

receiving | responding | harmonising

Taiji (Tai Chi), the Supreme Ultimate

, is in practice what the 'Dao de Jing' (Tao Te Ching) expresses in principle. These principles remain universal throughout the known worlds, undiminished by their common reduction to intellectual ideas, emotional values, or religious rules, by the various races of the Earth. The universal principles and the method for bringing ourselves into harmony with them could be called the worldwideway.

The Great Purpose

The great purpose of Taiji is the great purpose of life itself - internal evolution.

All are born with this purpose but most quickly forget why they are here, enmeshed in the physical world merely serving the body's survival. Society's physical and social edifices, intended as forms within which humanity may evolve, become prisons. While many dream of escape, few find the practical path to freedom. World Wide Way

True Taiji Training

begins in the physical, trains intention, awareness & intelligence within the Deep Mind Energy Sphere, then aspires towards the Beyond.

Deep Mind Sphere

Taiji as Moving Art (Gongfu)

works within lower-dantien (body/etheric) energies. Moving Art (Gongfu)

Taiji as Energy Art (Qigong)

works within middle-dantian (deep-emotional) energies. Energy Art (Qigong)

Taiji as Spiritual Art (Neigong)

works within upper-dantian (celestial) energies & beyond. Spiritual Art (Neigong)

Beyond Taiji

Aspiration towards the Beyond admits the first ray of light from the Divine Self

without which the results of training will be subverted by the ego. The Beyond (Dao)

Master HuangXingxian
& PatrickAKelly

huangxingxian patrickkelly

The Practice

We train:

- Huang Xingxian 5 Loosening Methods
- Cheng Manqing 37-move Form
- Yang Chengfu 108-move Form
- Huang Xingxian Fast Form
- 8 basic fixed step Pushing-Hands
- advanced moving step Pushing-Hands

Class includes 15min guided meditation.

Taiji Practice
Yang Luchan 1799 - 1872. Founder of Yang Taiji

Taiji Transmission

The further back in time we look the more obscure the history of Taiji becomes, yet from the study of this past two things become clear:

1. The inner essence of Taiji flows down from genuine teachers to sincere pupils in unbroken chains.
2. Each teacher must devise their own training system to express and pass on this impersonal inner teaching. Taiji Transmission
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